0x is an infrastructure protocol that allows users to easily trade ERC20 tokens and other assets on the Ethereum blockchain without relying on centralized intermediaries like traditional cryptocurrency exchanges.




Market leadership


  • 0x is a popular infrastructure protocol

  • 0x raised $24M during ICO, and it's backed by VCs, including Greylock, Pantera Capital, Jump Capital and others

  • 0x token, ZRX, is used for governance over the network and as a reward for relayers with trading fees for hosting an order book.

  • 0x's online presence is growing extensively each year with communities built on Twitter, Reddit and Discord


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Team expertise


Fundrising experience




Industry influence


Social impact


0x is an open-source, decentralized exchange infrastructure that enables the exchange of tokenized assets on multiple blockchains. The 0x protocol is, at its core, a set of secure smart contracts that facilitate the peer-to-peer exchange of Ethereum-based assets. The protocol operates as an open standard and common building block for any developer needing exchange functionality.

In addition to the externally-audited smart contracts, 0x also offers developer tools tailored to the ecosystem and open access to a pool of shared liquidity.

Based on 0x's current run rate, and a recent successful investment round led by established VCs, we believe that the value of the ZRX token will continue to grow.

0x provides the best conditions for investors by attracting liquidity from different exchanges. The open-source API created by the project team is used by other platforms. The platform works only with tokens issued on Ethereum. Based on the protocol developers can create tools, exchanges, and bots. However, 0x has significantly less liquidity than its main competitors, with Uniswap often being named a modern alternative to 0x.
Market leadership
Project Objectives
0x wants to build the most efficient, transparent, and equitable financial system in history. 0x team defines its mission as creating a tokenized world where all values can flow freely.
Decentralized Exchange (DEX) 0x has several major competitors, including Uniswap, SushiSwap, and Curve.
0x co-founders have a strong background in finance and blockchain technology. With experienced leaders and 100+ employers working on 0x projects, the company has great potential to build successful products.
Team expertise
  • 100+ employees are listed on LinkedIn

  • HQ: San Francisco, United States
Will Warren
Prior to 0x, Warren worked in several research roles and briefly held the role of technical advisor to Basic Attention Token (BAT).
Amir Bandeali
Bandeali graduated from the University of Illinois with a BSc in Finance and held several trading positions before co-founding 0x.
0x is a VC-backed startup with Greylock, Pantera Capital, Jump Capital, and other established blockchain VC funds. In the past six years, 0x successfully raised $109M, which is a remarkable achievement for the project team.
Fundrising experience
Total investments raised

  • Apr 26, 2022, Series B - $70M led by Greylock, Pantera Capital, Jump Capital, OpenSea, and Jared Leto

  • Feb 5, 2021, Series A - $15M led by Pantera Capital

  • Jun 29, 2017, Initial Coin Offering - $24M with support from prominent investment firms, including Polychain Capital, Pantera Capital and FBG Capital
ZRX token is a utility token used for rewarding relayers with trading fees for hosting an order book. Moreover, token holders can vote on protocol upgrades and govern development decisions. With only 10 percent of tokens saved for the team members, 50 percent being sold at ICO and 15 percent saved for the development fund, ZRX has everything to be a desirable asset for crypto investors.
Ticker: ZRX

Documents: Whitepaper

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

Token distribution:

  • 50% went to ICO participants

  • 15% to the protocol development fund

  • 15% for operating expenses

  • 10% to the team – with a vesting period of 4 years

  • 10% to advisors and private investors.

Use of token:
ZRX is a utility token that is used to reward relayers with trading fees for hosting an order book. ZRX also derives value from being a governance token. All ZRX token holders can vote on protocol upgrades and developments, which could drive demand for the token. As ZRX has a capped max supply, ZRX price and market cap could be influenced by scarcity.
The 0x ecosystem includes prominent and popular projects such as Crypto.com, Aave, Uniswap, and others. However, enterprises are still considering working with 0x, and developer activity on GitHub is relatively lower than competitors', which gives 0x room for improvements.
Industry influence
  • Layer-2 solution on Ethereum blockchain

  • Integrations: 50+ projects on Avalanche, BNBChain, Optimist, and Polygon blockchains (Aave, Crypto.com, Curve, Lido, etc.)

  • Popular projects: dYdX, Dharma, Maker

  • Developer activity: Medium
Community Building Program
0x is building a unique developer community at Discord, where developers team up to create new initiatives and upgrades for existing projects integrated into the 0x ecosystem. It consists of 18k+ members and is continually growing each year. For the most active users, 0x created a specific project called Community Spotlight, which is a series of interviews with community members.
0x project is growing its online communities with 265k Twitter followers, 18k members on Discord chat, and 21k Redditers. However, the audiences on social media platforms are relatively smaller than those shown by their competitors.
Social impact
265k followers on Twitter (+4% in the past month)
21k members on Reddit (+5% in the past year)
18k members on Discord
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