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We created Aximetria Business Solutions to open opportunities of crypto transformation for banks, e-commerce and other businesses.

Crypto transformation
We know everything about regulation
СBDC? Any forms of money!

The solutions we offer are not only top-level technologies but also the legal framework compliant with international regulation of crypto assets.

Formalization of crypto regulation around the globe opens the market of digital currencies both for private and corporate investors.

Over 30 banks have already introduced crypto products or plans to launch them soon for the last 12 months.

Aximetria provides solutions for any forms of money: fiat, crypto, CBDC.

Solutions for Banks

Crypto for Private Banking
Crypto Broker API
A ready-made technology and service solution by Aximetria for launching crypto service under your own brand.
    • No additional integrations
    • Flexibility in customizing of client interfaces
    • Customized business-model of service provision
    • Fully compliant and regulated service (KYC, AML, KYC)
    • Turn-key ready-to-use solution
    Crypto Broker API
    A one-stop solution for banks seeking to create a crypto product maximally integrated into internal business processes and client interfaces.
    • Support for any financial assets, including CBDC

    • The feasibility both of classic crypto products and CFD-solutions

    • Seamless integration in client interfaces

    • Developed legal framework

    • Set of UX-solutions and gaidlines for creating various user interfaces

    from 4 months
    Crypto for Private Banking
    Swiss crypto account Aximetria for HNWI customers of the bank with special terms of service.
    • Unique investment product for HNWI customers

    • 100% compliant and regulated service

    • Additional commission income for the bank

    • No additional integrations

    • Management dashboard for bank employees
    1 week

    Universal solutions

    Business crypto account
    A simple and straightforward solution for corporate crypto assets.
    • Crypto custody in the safe dedicated accounts in Switzerland

    • Purchase and sale of crypto assets with a corporate card or a wire transfer

    • Account in fiat (USD, EUR) for instant exchange

    • Favorable exchange conditions

    • Suitable for high-risk businesses
    1 day

    Market News

    Fully compliant and regulated crypto provider
    Aximetria is a licensed crypto provider regulated under Swiss financial law. A commitment to Swiss standards of financial services quality and cutting edge technology lies at the heart of our service.
    VQF SRO member ID 100637. VQF is officially recognized by FINMA.
    Why choose Aximetria?
    is our absolute
    Managing several hundred thousand wallets of Aximetria customers we know that there can never be little security. A set of information security approaches and policies strictly implemented and audited guarantees the highest up-time and safety level.
    Considering the special needs of your business
    Aximetria Business Solutions are created in collaboration with leading industry and financial experts.
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    Solutions for banks and fintechs
    E-commerce solutions
    Universal solutions
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    Aximetria is a VQF SRO member (ID 100637). VQF is officially recognized by FINMA.
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