Aximetria - a regulated crypto fintech from Switzerland which addresses people's fears and overcomes critical restrictions they face when considering crypto. We stake on a balance of top-class digital experience and strong commitment to regulation. Swiss financial culture underlying Aximetria's DNA makes crypto experience safe and trustworthy.

Aximetria was started in 2018 in Zug, today we provide top class crypto service to over 60,000 private investors in Europe and beyond.

We are looking to strengthen the team with the following key positions open in our Swiss HQ.
Operations manager / COO
We are looking for a professional and highly organized manager who will be responsible for building, standardizing, and continuously improving operational processes.

Including operational planning, resource planning, operational reporting, workflows of cross-functional analytical teams, external communications, relationship with banks and financial institutions on the side neo-banks or fintechs.

The candidate will have to interact with teams and stakeholders within the company, describe and implement operational improvements, harmonizing them with company policies and global changes.

The position of Operation manager assumes setting up the processes and interaction between legal, compliance, treasury, risk, operations specialist, accounting and etc., close interaction with several team leaders and product managers in order to build and execute efficient operational work within the back-office.


  • Control over transactions processing (confirmation, settlement, receipt, withdrawal)
  • Control over, building and maintaining record keeping of processed transactions and operations
  • Coordinate and constantly improve regular operation reporting process; arrange and maintain timely updated roadmaps and performance reports
  • Establishing and developing relations with external external providers (administrators, banks, etc.) Negotiation and resolving current operational issues with external providers
  • Arrangement of the internal documentation regulating unit's activities including process maps (rules, procedures, manuals), covering all unit's processes as well as efficient update
  • Ensuring unit's activity is in line with Russian/UK/EU regulations, international rules, existing market practice and internal policies;
  • Facilitate and build up the process of interaction between the cross-functional team
  • Arrange planning procedures, retrospective analysis of performance, ensure achievement of all action plans
  • Be responsible to deliver and/or consolidate all the results of legal, compliance, treasury, risk, operations specialist, accounting and etc teams in appropriate form within the deadlines
  • Costs optimization, profit and cost analyses, recommend cost-reducing solutions
  • Financial support and analytics of projects (revenue and costs calculation, management and control)


  • Work experience in a similar position in funds, investment or brokerage companies, fintechs or banks is a must
  • Higher education (economic, financial)
  • Strong experience in process analysis, identification, description, and automation using different tools
  • Strong English communications and presentation skills
Legal Counsel
We are looking for an experienced lawyer who is ready to play a significant role for the entire team and product, taking care of the interests of the company, maintaining an adequate balance between refuse and take of risks, the ability to evaluate and mitigate risks depending on a specific business case.

One of the most important principles that the company is guided by is the trust and transparency to our clients, as essential part of the sustainable development of the company.


  • Counsulting on various regulatory and legal issues (activities of a Swiss company, general, labor, corporate law)
  • Care of adequacy of the Customer Service Terms, development and updating of standard forms of contracts, notifications, confirmations and other legal documents
  • Development and approval of contracts with counterparties
  • Work with corporate documents of the company: protocols, resolutions, receipt, organization of certification / translation and provision at the request of counterparties, clients, regulators, auditors
  • Interaction with banks, brokers and other counterparties on KYC
  • Interaction with auditors and the corporate secretary
  • Coordination of the work of external legal consultants in related to regulation and licensing issue


  • Work experience in a similar position in funds, investment or brokerage companies, fintechs or banks is a must
  • Familiar of the legal regulation principles of the activities of retail fintechs companies
  • Knowledge of the GDPR and personal data protection regulations
  • Languages: English
Treasury specialist

  • Advice on operating model, financial risk management, and hedging strategies;
  • Advice on working capital improvement
  • Transformation and benchmarking projects for treasury and trading operations
  • Advice on Cash and liquidity management
  • Technical accounting advice on financial instruments
  • Reviews of governance, compliance, reporting, processes & controls; and systems


  • 2+ years of working experience within a finance function (including treasury and corporate finance)/finance consulting/banking
  • Good understanding of the following processes: cash forecasting, credit control, financial risk management, order to cash process
  • Experience in modeling and financial statements analysis;
  • Experience in working capital management
  • Languages: English
    Operational specialist

    • Execution of settlement and payments services for clients
    • Initial check and verification of settlement documents
    • Interaction with customer service specialists on the matter of payment execution
    • Reporting of documents for the transaction day
    • Keeping records of transactions
    • Currency control reporting
    • Initila AML checks and internal control


    • Experience in settlement and payment execution 1+ year
    • Experience in currency control operations
    • Experience and knowledge CIS/EU payment regulation
    • Languages: English
      Risks specialist

      • Development and updating of internal documents and policies of risk management
      • Development of risk assessment models and policies
      • Identification, analysis, assessment and control of risks related to company business activity
      • Development of recommendations to improve the efficiency of risk management
      • Analysis and monitoring of counterparties and issuers, credit risk assessment
      • Control over compliance with the approved limits
      • Maintaining a database of risk events
      • Reporting related of risk assessment, risk levels and risk management
      • Preparing draft contracts and other related documents


      • Strong educational background from top institution, quantitative and/or finance program
      • Minimum 2 years experience in project-based, team-oriented environment (insurance, investment, banks, finntechs) in a similar position is a must
      • Significant, state-of-the-art knowledge across a wide range of finance and risk-management issues
      • Languages: English
          GDPR specialist / data protection officer

          • Development of local regulatory documents of the company on the processing and protection of personal data
          • examination of regulatory documents, contractual and other documentation related to the processing and protection of personal data;
          • analysis, assessment and forecast of risks associated with the processing of personal data, development of aproachech to mitigate risks
          • analysis of automated systems and processes for processing personal data for compliance with the established mandatory requirements in the field of processing and protecting personal data;
          • development and organization of the application of organizational and technical measures to protect personal data from unauthorized or accidental access to it
          • processing of claims and requests from subjects of personal data, their representatives and government agencies;
          • implementation of internal control over the procedure for processing personal data
          • reporting on the implementation of policies regarding personal data in the company


          • Proven experience 2+ year in area the processing of personal data
          • Experience in building up processes, describing approaches and methodology related to processing of personal data
          • Deep knowledge of the applicable law of Swiss, EU and CIS jurisdictions on personal data protections and processing
          • Desirable to know of cybersecurity principleces related to main types of threats, channels of information leakage, methods of protection against threats of violation of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information
          • Desirable to have experience in audit related to personal data processiing and protection of personal data
          • Languages: English
              The AML policy of Aximetria GmbH complies with the following laws and regulations of the Swiss Confederation.
              Federal Act on Combating Money Laundering and terrorist financing of 10 October 1997

              Ordinance on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing of 11 November 2015

              FINMA Circular 2016/7 on "Video and online identification" of 3 March 2016

              Regulations of the Self-Regulatory Organisation pursuant to the Anti-Money Laundering Act VQF Financial Services Standards Association regarding the Combating of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing of 28 September 2015
              VQF-Circular 2016/1 concerning Applicability of regulations issued by FINMA of 14 June 2016

              VQF information leaflet for the engagement of third parties for the performance of duties of due diligence and / or as AMLA Special Department

              VQF Information leaflet for issuing internal directives

              Swiss Criminal Code of 21 December 1937